Cyber Security

Cyber Security



2 Days



As work becomes increasingly intertwined with personal lives, cybersecurity is no longer just a technology or business issue but a real personal concern. Digitalisation and IOT (Internet of Things) is redefining how we live, work, socialise and spend / consume as information, finances, social networks and services are digitised and connected.  This has created enormous opportunities and convenience while exposing businesses and individuals to unprecedented threats that have strategic, financial, operational and reputational implications.  It is critical that individuals, especially non-IT professionals, understand the real risks involved and take the necessary preventive measures to protect themselves and their companies against these “invisible enemies”.

Through a series of live demonstrations, participants will be shown how easy it is to fall prey to identity stealing, privacy invasion, social engineering, fraud, email forgery, hoaxes, modern virus and backdoor approaches to the advanced persistent threats that continuously plague our various personal digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and even smart TVs and personal access cards etc.



  • Gain insights into the different types of cyberattacks and the risks the attacks pose to personal and business systems.
  • Acquire knowledge and improve capability to take preventive measures to mitigate the risks.
  • Enhance ability to respond to incidents.


Course Outline:

Introduction to IT Security and Cybersecurity

  • In this session, participants will learn about the basic knowledge and concept of IT security and cybersecurity, including a discussion on the latest security breach.
  • Hands-on exercise How attacks can be carried out

Attack Types: Operating System / Application Attack and Malware

  • Participants will learn about different kinds of attack such as server side attack and client side attack; types of Malicious software (Malware, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware and Fake Anti-Virus).
  • Hands-on exercise Securing your OS and Applications

Social Media Security

  • This session discusses social media security such as hoax, fraud or identity stealing and the ethics of using social media.
  • Hands-on exercise Practicing the ethics of using social media, taking preventive measures against identity stealing and understanding the importance of using 2 Factor Authentication

Email and Internet Banking Security

  • In this session, participants will find out how easy it is to fake a “real” email, learn how to identify the fake email, spam, phishing and spear phishing, and how to decipher the real online banking platforms etc.

Network and Personal Security

  • Participants will learn how to securely connect to the Wi-Fi, and how to protect the data in their own devices (Laptop, Smartphone or Cloud).
  • Hands-on exercise Securing Wi-Fi Connection, Files and Disk Encryption etc.